Our consulting services in strategy and management enable our customers to improve their capabilities and results in terms of strategic decision, operational implementation and monitoring.

Aiming at creating value, we support our clients in defining and reviewing their business and activities.

In order to adapt the organization and processes to strategic and operational needs, we design and implement models and solutions that result on the expected value, ensuring effectiveness in achieving the objectives and efficient use of resources.



Strategic planning, marketing and business, internationalization strategy, market research, company evaluation, mergers and acquisitions, investment projects and financing solutions, business plans, socio-economic impact studies, public-private partnerships, privatization, design and implementation of monitoring systems.


Organizational development and efficiency, structures and corporate governance, program and project management, change management, succession processes, building and maintaining partnerships, at the business level, as well as at the central, regional or local public administration level.

Designing and re-engineering processes, developing procedures manuals, tools and methodologies of continuous improvement, certification systems (quality, environment, safety), monitoring results, business process outsourcing (BPO), designing information systems, logistical solutions, among others.


Integrated solution to support the start-up of new business projects in international markets, including market studies and evaluations, business plans, supporting financing solutions and partnership building, company formation, obtaining permits and licenses required, accounting, due diligences, tax, legal and logistical support to the company and the entrepreneur.

Mundi Consulting offers an integrated and complete support approach for applications to PORTUGAL 2020 incentive systems. From planning the business, identifying global investment plan, preparation and appraisal of all necessary documents and interaction with the official and financial authorities. After approval, we manage the whole process until completion of the investment, including receiving incentives and fulfilling the obligations of the promoter.

LET – Leading Teams
Group dynamics aiming at significant improvements in productivity, creativity, motivation, proactivity and alignment of people with in the organizational context. This is delivered through an initial diagnosis of the empirical and specific model of each entity with whom we work, identifying the respective dysfunctions and consequently acting collectively through teamwork, improving the technical and relationship skills of all.

5 S – Continuous Improvement in Operations
Very practical methodology that comes from Japanese origin aiming at improving the production environment, leading to a significant increase in productivity and cost reduction. It`s methodology is based in design, planning and implementation of key activities: organization (only what is needed is on site), order (everyone knows where everything is at all times), cleansing, standardization (maintaining previous processes systematically), discipline (running and improving continuously).