We believe that organizational success comes from managing and monitoring two key strategic and operational management drivers: decision and implementation.

Decisions should be strategic and intentional. What kind of business? What organization? Which processes? Which resources?
Implementation should be planned, with clear and measurable objectives.

The value of undertaking decisions will be captured through operational management and implementation. Matching resources with the necessary skills and motivation. And focusing on the objectives.

In order to achieve results, the strategic decisions and operational implementation cycles should be monitored continuously, in a context of efficient management and life-long learning process.

Internalizing these principles for a successful management of all services that we deliver to our clients.

Make strategic decisions, implement operationally. Monitor and learn continuously.


Our focus on close relationships with our clients and partners helps us to developed strong business skills and dynamic networks and interactions.

Knowledge of management skills and dynamics at strategic and operational level, in several countries and dimensions – entrepreneurship, SMEs and large organizations.

Deep knowledge of national and international Financial Institutions and the financing models for business and development.

Direct participation and steady knowledge of organizational processes at local and international level, in particular business associations and chambers of commerce.

Close links with national and international organizations, promoters and financing institutions for economic and business development.
Monitoring relevant international procurement processes, allowing the identification of business opportunities and value creation for our customers and partners.


Development of independent initiatives,
performed in relatively short periods 
of time, with pre-defined

Mundi Consulting performs projects, with closed scope and activities previously agreed upon.

The client is empowered to integrate the deliverables in the organization as well as managing them.
Providing management, technical and
operational skills over a relatively long
period of time, with pre-defined

Our professionals regularly advise on business, technical, behavioural or operational implementation activities.

Evaluation of the quality of services is needed regularly.
Designing and implementing a long-term activities program, including projects, management, and implementation, conducting studies and
operational activities.

Mundi Consulting integrates different activities and reports risks and results.

Focus on business and organizational objectives.


We believe that the way to provide professional consulting and training services today must be flexible and meet the needs and challenges of each client in each situation.

We adjust our approach, methods, tools and teams to each context. That requires a constant reflection on the key factors to consider in each case.

Depending on availability, motivation and capacities of our clients, Mundi Consulting works at various levels of involvement, assuming a role of facilitator or leading the research, analysis, development of conclusions, as well as their implementation.
Guiding, developing templates and facilitating
At this level, Mundi Consulting acts as facilitator giving training to participants on specific subjects, organizing and managing workshops and providing the templates to be used.

Challenging and Quality Control
In addition to the previous level, Mundi Consulting invests significantly in learning the business of the client, challenging the analysis and conclusions in advising the management.

Lead and Execute
With the supervision of the client, Mundi Consulting leads and implements the activities and analysis. From research, collection and processing of content to its analysis and discussion, as well as developing conclusions and advising.